INEMUR also has extensive experience in the design and integration of complete systems for packaging of certain liquids, dense or viscous products, such as water, wine, juices, milk, oil, baby food, yogurts, sauces, fruit pulp, mayonnaise, syrup lines, creams, shampoo, gel, etc.

We have partnerships with manufacturers of the best packaging systems market and other complementary equipment availabe and deliver bespoke lines with the construction and operational criteria defined by INEMUR, thus ensuring greater efficiency and productivity.

We are also experts in integrating processes with more demanding in quality, clean designs and safety, infant feeding, where special construction criteria required control and premium products.

In addition to engineering and installation of bespoke lines we offer a full service ” Project Management ” assuming full responsibility for the management, integration, management and coordination of all actions necessary to achieve the objectives set in each project.

We are also highly committed to the continuous improvement of installed lines additionally offering systems for the collection and use of information generated in the production process to identify and carry out those specific actions involving an effective improvement. We are experts in capturing real-time data generated by each team and the lines a whole for interpretation and monitoring via dedicated to this purpose (SCADA, MES, CMMS, etc.) software.

We can also provide full traceability of the process that allows our customers to offer products with greater assurance.


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