Since the origin of INEMUR we have specialized enormously in the integration of solutions for basketed and unbasketed of packaging in sterilization process by means of Retorts for the food and pharmaceutical industry, these being some of our most popular applications in the market.

We have a wide range of automatic and semi-automatic systems for the loading and unloading of containers on both baskets as trays, being able to work with rigid formats (metal, glass, etc.) and flexible (plastics, Tetras, doypacks, etc.).

INEMUR was also pioneer in the integration of lines for basketed and unbasketed by means of anthropomorphic robots, being able to provide solutions fully customized and adaptable in response to the different formats, production capacity and space limitations.

We also have extensive experience in the design and supply of baskets and trays for the correct loading and positioning of the packaging as well as the spacers between layers if these are necessary.