INEMUR was born in 1990 with the objective to cover the needs of the automatic processing of packaging and manufacturing of the tin cans sector in the Spanish Region of Murcia but soon was expanded to cover all of Spain.

Within a short time, INEMUR reached fame as a palletiser and depalletiser manufacturer for full and empty cans, especially with magnetic technology, which created a significant demand on an international level prompting them to expand.

In 1999, the manager and founder of the company, Mr. José María Navarro Hidalgo de Cisneros, sadly died and his children started to manage the business and continue to do so through today.

Also, in 1999, the company began as an inclusive anthropomorphic robot implementer for palletising applications together with the Japanese company Okura Yusoki. Other robotic brands were added in order to complete the wide range of brands with which INEMUR currently works.

In 2000, INEMUR inaugurated its new plant in Alguazas (Murcia, Spain) allowing the company adequate working conditions for carrying out larger projects. In 2004, these plants were expanded to complete the current 5,000m2 space that we have for our equipment.

Also, in 2004, and due to the strong demand of the company to carry out larger projects, INEMUR divided the manufacturing business of their equipment and the project engineering for the inclusion of complete lines. A significant amount of resources and effort was spent in this department.
In 2008, the company exported 80% of its volume, being very important to the American market. INEMUR choose Mexico for the opening of a new subsidiary company in 2009. The company continued with its international expansion and today it has clients in more than 40 countries around the world.

Since 2010, INEMUR is widely consolidated as an inclusion of bespoke complete lines in medium and high production processes, establishing the firm as an international reference in industries such as metal packaging manufacturing, baby foods and powdered milk for children’s packaging.

Nowadays, aside from having a wide range of our own equipment for packaging, containers and pallets handling with an international reputation, INEMUR has major agreements with some of the most reliable manufacturers in the market in order to complete and integrate high performance complete lines.

Despite years in the market and regarding ourselves as experts, we continue working with the strictest demands and searching for continuous improvement, which let us install our equipment and lines at the most demanding multinational plants around the world.